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Live Different – Kindness Looks Good On You

Hooper Law is in proud partnership with Live Different – a charity for seeing change, building hope, and embracing a lifestyle of caring about people.

Live Different truly believes that by working together in kindness, we can have a BIG impact!

Their School Programming provides motivational presentations about the incredible impact of kindness: how it positively changes individuals, our schools, communities, and its unique opportunity for creating significant change on a global scale.

Extensive community programs and infrastructure projects address critical needs identified by their host communities. Their past projects include schools, children’s homes, playgrounds, water lines and cisterns, bridges, fences, and medical clinics. Live Different Projects employ and work alongside local labourers, tradespeople, and community leaders for healthy, organic community growth.

The 13 week Academy program allows volunteers to become fully-immersed in the Mexican culture and experience. Participants volunteer with local families and the community, spend a week in the life of a migrant worker, study spanish, explore the culture and attractions, work on a community building project, and study social justice & international development. Participants leave with a deep understanding of poverty and the difficult decisions made by those facing adversity every day.

Since their establishment as a Canadian charity in 2000 – and operation as an international charity in 2005 – Live Different has spoken to over 1.5 million students, visited over 3,500 schools, and completed over 500 projects internationally, showing that no act of kindness is ever wasted.


Through various volunteer programs in partnering communities, Live Different makes small changes every day, to add up to a big difference for families and communities in need.

With Builds, they construct homes, schools, community centres, and medical clinics in the Dominican, Mexico, Haiti, and Thailand, helping those affected by poverty and exploitation

Building Homes Together

In February, 2020 Rob Hooper had the opportunity to work with Live Different in Baja, California. Together, they worked to build a home for a deserving family of 5.

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OUR COMMITMENT: Every year, we invest back into our community and in charities for people at risk.

We Fight For What’s Right

Fighting for victims, the less fortunate and those in need is at the heart of all we do. Every year, we invest back into our community and charities for people at risk.