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July 2012

City grant recipient still owes sex assault victim

Excerpt from The Hamilton Spectator:

Convicted sex offender Denis Vranich — who also received a $932,500 conditional loan from the city — is paying his debt to his victim so slowly, it will be 60 years before the young woman collects the full amount she is entitled to for the costs of therapy and lost earnings.

“The sexual assault changed the whole course of her life,” says her lawyer, Rob Hooper. “From her perspective, it’s upsetting to see he can carry on. That this guy can still appear at City Hall and gain money and she’s had to re-engineer her whole life over this.

“If a developer is on the sexual assault registry, they should be denied money from the city.”

Though a civil court judge ordered Vranich to pay his victim $300,403 in a precedent-setting judgment in January 2011, the well-known businessman has paid less than $50,000. Immediately after the judgment was handed down by Justice Alan Whitten, Vranich made a lump-sum payment of $25,000. Since then, he has paid $500 per month. With pre- and post judgment interest, the amount he now owes has grown to $340,000, says Hooper.

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